Not In Brookside-

When the store was first opened it had none of the out of the box style that is in the store today. It followed fashion trends and the only thing that set them apart from everyone else is Leon’s ability to fit hard to fit clients, constantly challenging the status quo, and his innovativeness creating his own computer software and building his own display cases. What makes this store so special is its ability to constantly adapt and reinvent itself due to changes in the industry such as the introduction to Lasik Eye Surgery and the economy constantly changing.

Our Story-

Leon Butler opened Brookside Optical in 1989. He realized there was a void in the Kansas City market for unique custom and designer eyewear. Leon became known throughout the area for fitting hard to fit people, especially people with difficult prescriptions. He found lens and frame manufacturers that make products specifically for the strong prescriptions, and above all else unique eye.

Our Mission-

Brookside Optical has the most exciting and unique selection of designer eyeglasses in Kansas City. We take tremendous pride in having a staff of opticians that are both licensed and certified. With our experience, we are able to fit and deliver products that are second to none in both style and quality. With our level of expertise, we can fit our clients with eyewear and lenses that are truly as individual as they are. We are the best at what we do, and your experience at Brookside Optical will be both enjoyable and satisfying. We invite you to visit one of our stores and see what people from 42 states and 6 Countries have already experienced.

Brookside Optical Lab-

Our lab will custom make your glasses with the personal touches previously not available for the average person. Each pair of glasses is hand crafted to only the finest specifications. We pride ourselves on having one of the most state of the art labs with the latest technologically advanced equipment in the world. Any order can be customized to add your own personal touch. With the luxury of having an on-site lab we are able to do many hard to fill jobs and customizations that every other optical shop will turn away.