About Us

Leon Butler opened Brookside Optical in 1989. He realized there was a void in the Kansas City market for unique custom and designer eyewear. Leon became known throughout the area for fitting hard to fit people. Difficult prescriptions are a specialty and Leon found lens and frame lines made specifically for the strong prescriptions.

The technology existed for better vision, just not here in the United States. Leon developed sources for new lens products internationationally. He opened direct accounts with Carl Zeiss, and Rodenstock from Germany. Improved lens designs were made available from Pentax of Japan. Shamir manufactured new lens designs in Israel.

Patients saw better than they ever had with these new lens designs. People often had to wait 4-6 weeks for these lenses to be made a world away.

Newer manufacturing technology now available in the United States has shortened the delivery time of these customized lenses from weeks to a matter of days. This technology has also reduced the price of these lenses significantly.

Brookside Optical has always had beautiful and exclusive frame designs. However, some of these were too expensive for many people. Leon still has these amazing frame collections, however, he has now added many new frame collections that are more affordable, and still have the look that is expected with eyewear from Brookside Optical.

Unmatched Eyewear Style:

Brookside Optical has the most colorful, playful and exciting selection of designer eyewear in the Midwest. From conservative to edgy, Brookside Optical has frames for everyone. Don’t settle for a frame from your doctor’s office or one of the chains. At Brookside Optical there are more choices than ever before.

The Brookside Lab:

Brookside Optical’s on-site lab will custom make your glasses with the personal touches previously not available for the average person. Each pair of glasses is hand crafted to only the finest specifications. We pride ourselves on having one of the most state of the art labs with the latest technologically advanced equipment in the world. Any order can be customized to add your own personal touch. With the luxury of having an on-site lab we are able to do many hard to fill jobs and customizations that every other optical shop will turn away.