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Eye-witness, the enfant terrible at theo, will bring out your inner child. And it’s child’s play… For people who don’t take themselves too seriously. Connect the dots to discover the picture. theo has already done it for you. Five asymmetrical models – and you’d expect no less – for people with a sense of humour. The models WA, WB, WC, WD and WE are available in 8 different colour combos. For the numbers, theo created an original font. Our glasses are unique, just like the handwriting of Patrick Hoet! Want to play too?

Theo eye-witness WA Theo eye-witness WB Theo eye-witness WC Theo eye-witness WD Theo eye-witness WE


The FORMACOLOR series , thanks to its combination of materials, is structured by metal and softened by plastic. Added to this are subtle color combinations. It is a chameleon bezel, for all personalities. The lines are pure and gentle, cheerful but chic, the result colorful but subtle. They are fresh and toned frames. This is an identity concept, beyond any reference, which is well suited to those who prefer the bottom to the form, and which are defined rather by the eclecticism of their choices.

Anne et valentin fairy u244 Anne et valentin fame u212 Anne et valentin fanzine A73 Anne et valentin fausto u217 Anne et valentin feist u237 Anne et valentin felicity u215 Anne et valentin fever u223 Anne et valentin flora u234 Anne et valentin floyd u219 Anne et valentin friday u236

The Link Concept

The LINK concept , as a sign of punctuation that would enrich the discourse, is based on the strong idea of nesting: at the link, to the tie are added the contrast of the colors and the transparency and opacity .

The LINK models are all keys to access to a new aesthetic of the bezel. They make resonate the language of the matter, explore the sensuality of the touch, and are particularly adapted to the independent and free personalities. The LINK woman is curious and open, well in her sneakers, centered, and has little more to prove.They are happy mounts, present just what it takes, who know how to adapt and find their place everywhere.

Anne et valentin D Cibel 1632 Anne et valentin D cimal 1633 Anne et valentin D fine 1401 Anne et valentin D PTIK 1328

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A collection of 12 glasses with plenty of character  For the 12 glasses that make up the WIDE OPEN Collection, theo eyewear has organised a unique collaboration with the French designer matali crasset! It’s an ideal symbiosis between the Belgian eyewear specialist and the French designer, combining bold vision and a passion for colour and design.  WIDE OPEN is a collection of eight pairs of optical glasses and four pairs of sunglasses. Each model illustrates a personal trait for which it is named, expressing your character at a glance: audacieux (bold), impliqué (involved), impulsif (impulsive), spontané (spontaneous), rebelle (rebellious), délicat (delicate), confiant (confident), rêveur (dreamy), averti (knowledgeable), expressif (expressive), curieux (curious) or sensible (sensitive). In this way, theo + matali crasset invite you to assert your personality by playing with your image and making heads turn. It’s a reminder of just how much a pair of glasses can be a part of forging your personal identity.

Theo Audacieux 2 Theo Confiant 12 Theo Curiex 32 Theo Delicat 30 Theo Expressif 42 Theo Implique 13 theo Rebelle 39


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The Ropes by Theo


Being a bargee’s child, theo designer Serge Bracké found his inspiration in his youth, on his parents’ boat where there’s never a shortage of ropes. Serge took two pieces of rope and formed a pair of glasses. The 2 pieces hold 2 lenses together. And by means of chemical engraving and laser cutting we made it happen. The frames are made of stainless steel, in order to offer the perfect balance between strength and flexibility.

Theo Cable

Theo Cord

theo LIne

Theo Nawa

Theo Rope

Theo String

theo Tow