Who They Are

Kirby Cross, an extension of the R&R company, offers a variety of fun and inexpensive eyewear. Since its inception in 1999, R&R Eyewear has been offering the ultimate selection of quality eyewear to eyewear professionals all over the world. They don’t sell to the big box chain stores. Also, they do not allow their brands to be sold on the internet. R&R Eyewear markets thirteen collections with a unique one of a kind look. For almost two decades, they have been offering well-made and quality eyewear.

Kirby Cross-brice-black
Kirby Cross-dylan-tortoise
Kirby Cross-raven-tortoise-sky-blue
Kirby Cross-cat-tokio-tortoise
Kirby Cross-hayden-purple-green-marble
Kirby Cross-rebel-black-demi-blue
Kirby Cross-magic-electric-blue
Kirby Cross-trendsetter-tortoise-gold