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Explore Tom Davies’ new women’s ready-to-wear collection. Handcrafted by master craftsmen in the London factory, these optical frames feature an array of pure titanium, cotton acetate, and Natural Horn to suit every face shape.

Tom Davies’ new men’s ready-to-wear collection is handcrafted by master craftsmen in their London factory. Featuring an array of subtle design details, the highest quality materials and intelligent design (resulting in a superior fit). These men’s optical frames are unrivaled.

The Horn Collection

At TD Tom Davies, horn is one of their preferred natural materials. A unique and beautiful substance, it has many advantages: it is completely hypoallergenic and 35 % lighter than acetate, making it the premium choice for those seeking a frame that is gentler and kinder to their skin. They obtain the horn ethically from sustainably farmed resources in India, Africa and the UK. Specifically from non-endangered domestic animals that also supply milk and leather, making the horn used in Tom Davies frames a natural by-product. Their horn sheets are filed down to a fine thickness of 0.8mm, before they laminate them together for extra strength. Some eyewear is composed of 100 percent horn layers, but sometimes they laminate vintage British silk or carbon fiber between the horn sheets to create distinctive and striking designs.

We're excited to sell the Tom Davies collection to the Kansas City market, as it has been a big seller for custom eyewear for those whole love their eyeglasses.

Tom Davies 446 col 1276
Tom Davies 359 col 1181
Tom Davies 417 col 1139
Tom Davies 359 col 444
Tom Davies 359 col 1043
Tom Davies 604 col 1386
Tom Davies 604 col 1026
Tom Davies 516 col 1558
Tom Davies 516 Col 1555
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