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Father's Day Eyewear

Fathers Day is right around the corner and what better gift to give then the gift of looking good! Are styles arrange in a plethora of colors, comfort, style and more! If you've been looking to get some new glasses come check out Brookside Optical!

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SPOCK. Square. Space-age. Elementary. With a deliberately softened geometry. Unisex with a feminine sensibility, monolithic like all the models of the SOLAR BLOCK concept, SPOCK is an activist. Has a rock, new wave, marginal edge. They own the future. And a sense of humor too.

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Theo Eyewear

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These gradient glasses from THEO are especially unique! These gradient covered glasses are truly one of a kind... Wear your true colors on your face and show your true colors!

Maui Jim

Byron Bay

Byron Bay is a frame built to withstand any level of activity. Whether you're out for a run or cruising the surf, this nylon wrap sunglass with our patented polarized lenses allows you to see colors at their best while providing superior protection and durability. See all of our polarized sunglasses to find your perfect style.

Barton Perreira



Inspired by the Barton Perreira optical glasses that Jerry wears in his everyday design process, FGBP.2021 is a classic rectangular acetate frame available as an optical frame in two fits, but because of the light gradient wash lenses it can be worn both indoors and outdoors.


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