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About Us

Leon Butler opened Brookside Optical in 1989. He realized there was a void in the Kansas City market for unique custom and designer eyewear. Leon became known throughout the area for fitting hard to fit people, especially people with difficult prescriptions. He found lens and frame manufacturers that make products specifically for the strong prescriptions, and above all else unique eye. When the store was first opened it had none of the out of the box style that is in the store today. It followed fashion trends and the only thing that set them apart from everyone else is Leon’s ability to fit hard to fit clients, and constantly challenging the status quo.

Why We're No Longer in Brookside

Realizing that some consumers were wanting eyewear that was unique and not anything like what mainstream was doing Leon decided to bring a unique out of the box style to the Kansas City market. In 2001 Leon decided to move out to Overland Park to bring his unique take on glasses out south. In 2009 he decided to open a second location in Prairie Village for his loyal customers that continued to stay with him and bring Brooksides out of the box style back to the area. 

The brookside Lab

Our lab will custom make your glasses with the personal touches previously not available for the average person. Each pair of glasses is hand crafted to only the finest specifications. We pride ourselves on having one of the most state of the art labs with the latest technologically advanced equipment in the world. Any order can be customized to add your own personal touch. With the luxury of having an on-site lab we are able to do many hard to fill jobs and customizations that every other optical shop will turn away.


Leon Butler

Leon Butler is the owner of Brookside Optical and has over 45 years of experience in every phase of the eye wear industry. From manufacturing to design, Leon has the ability to insure your prescription is met with expertise and will help you explore the many options in frame colors and styles. He will offer new ideas and options most clients have never been exposed to. Leon’s expertise in manufacturing superior lenses and the ability to provide clients with a variety of frames not found anywhere else in Kansas City gives clients the specialized attention usually reserved for celebrities.

Joe Alvarez.jpg

Joe Alvarez

Joe Alvarez started in the optical industry in 2007. He is an excellent student and an extremely fast learner. Joe has gained exceptional experience in the professional fitting and dispensing of quality eye wear. Clients bond with Joe very quickly and love his energy. He has a great eye for choosing the right frames, colors and lenses that best suit their personal and professional optical needs. He educates customers by offering instructions in eyeglass care and the benefits of premium products. Being a perfectionist, Joe ensures that your glasses fit by doing custom adjustments

Brianna Butler.jpg

Brianna Butler

Brianna Butler has been with Brookside Optical since 2013 and is the youngest member of the team. Don’t let her age fool you; she is no stranger to the optical industry. From a very young age, Brianna started learning the trade and working behind the scenes of Brookside Optical through the guidance and expertise of her father. In May of 2018, she graduated from the University of Kansas from their highly accredited business school and joined our team full time.

Nick Alvarez.jpg

Nick Alvarez

Nick Alvarez has 20 years of experience in the optical industry. His knowledge varies from lab work to medical optical testing, to frame styling. Nick also has several eyewearcertifications, but he has found his home in the Brookside Optical lab. Nick enjoys knowing that his expertise is helping someone see perfectly.

Joe Bergman.jpg

Joe Bergman

Joe Bergman originally started in the industry working in the LensCrafters labs making glasses and quickly rose to become one of the best in the country. Joe joined our team in 2014.  

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