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Here at Brookside Optical a custom pair of glasses custom fit to your face is not just a fairytale, but a reality. With our friends at Tom Davies, we can tailor make a pair of eyewear to fit you. You can tailor a pair of shoes or a suit to fit you perfectly so why not a pair of glasses? 

The Design Process

Discovering Your Needs

First we sit down and discuss what you are looking to get out of designing your pair of eyewear and your specific areas of concern. Whether its accommodating a tough prescription, finding the perfect fit and preventing the glasses from slipping or simply to have a one of a kind unique pair of glasses.

Taking The Measurments

We then take a series of precise measurements and photographs, which are then submitted to the Tom Davies design studio. The Bespoke eyewear blueprint is then submitted to their workshop.

Handcrafting Your Frame

Tom Davies frames are handcrafted using the finest materials, from high quality premium acetate to natural horn and titanium. Passionate about innovation, optical designer Tom Davies is continually experimenting with new materials and adding new finishes to the collections to maintain his position at the forefront of eyewear design.

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