Kids Eyewear

We want the best vision possible for you and your kids, we offer a great selection for boys and girls of all ages including prescription frames.


We don't want you to compromise on eyewear with our kids' frames. Don't forget we offer add anti-scratch coating to keep the lenses safe from your everyday use. We also offer digital screen protection to help buffer their young eyes from blue light emitted from phone, laptop and TV screens. As a parent, it can be a hard task to find the perfect pair eyewear for your child's selection. Our selection is full of colorful, sleek, popular frames at your convince.

Swissflex Kids Frames

Kids Eyewear

Nike Kids Frames

Nike 4635
Nike 5535 col 68
nike 5535 col 001
Nike 5535 col 412
Nike 5574 col 069
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You can reserve these kids frames online and pay in store or over the phone.
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