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Oakley Eyewear In Kansas City

We have the latest Oakley Eyewear in Kansas City. We do certain prescription Oakley glasses in Oakley frames, upon the manufacture allows it. 
We have the perfect Oakley eyewear frames and visors for all the athletes from Baseball, Basketball, Football, Tennis and More!
Check out the popular frames featuring the popular PRIZIM collection we have and the glasses Patrick Mahomes wears in Kansas City! 

Click on the Oakley Glasses below, to try them on from your mobile phone!

Mainlink Underwater
Oakley Mainlink Underwater
Two Face Polished Black
Oakley Two Face Polished Black
Two Face Matte Black
Oakley Two Face Matte Black
Sutro Sky
Oakley Sutro Sky
Top Knot ONYX
Oakley Top Knot ONYX
Sutro Blank Ink
Oakley Sutro Blank Ink
Mainlink Polished Black
Oakley Mainlink Polished Black
Latch Matte Olive
Oakley Latch Matte Olive
Chrstl Matte Ruby
Oakley Chrstl Matte Ruby
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