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HI-FI CONCEPT- Anne et Valentin

Here, the aesthetic is rock, clearly, playing on the fineness of metal and the presence of acetate with parts reminiscent of pickguard inserts on guitars, and the delicacy of picks coaxing feverish notes. HI-FI concept frames have been imagined for young women with electric intellects, followers of the genderless trend, it-girls who prefer the stage or pit of a concert venue to the catwalks of fashion weeks. All HI FI models have a high precision vintage spirit. The lines are light, airy. Their finesse gives them, rather than purely retro, a perfectly contemporary quality. Their tips dress up the metal, and create interruptions of lines like breaks on a track where feedback sizzles at high frequency. These frames are intended primarily, but without restriction, for a cultured youth, liberated and sharp, for whom rock isn’t a restricted movement like electro or grunge, but a sophisticated, fully-fledged culture.

GIGACASTER is a taut panto, slightly oversize, well anchored in its era, with fine, precise lines. Its androgynous purity reflects a certain cerebral quality, and its technicality offers undeniable detachment. GIGACASTER makes no bones about its active synaptic connexions and is nonchalantly cool.

GINICASTER, a genderless panto with an arched double bridge, is the HI FI concept’s model that rocks the most. The eyebrow arch is a direct reference to guitar pick guards, and the quasi-artisanal precision of its details is inspired by the craft of string instrument makers, who also create furiously electric instruments.

GOODYCASTER, an architectural and razor-sharp frame, is a graphic and expressive round that adapts to all faces with varying effects. Its double-suspension bridge supports the softness of its fluid lines, and their minimal revisited retro chic recalls great technological advances. Big-up for the ‘80s.

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