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SYMBOLIQUES, all-titanium right through the temple tips, knows how to use the codes of bygone elegance in order to subvert them. Their highlighted hinges and articulations, inspired by retro-vintage, propel the frames of this concept towards the future, with the sense of design dear to Anne&Valentin. With their deeply aesthetic mechanics, SYMBOLIQUES models are almost sentimental and, in any case, very endearing. The chiseled models are inspired by the refinement of watchmaking. We think of Delaunay, the kinetic art of Marcel Duchamp, precision mechanics, or the cosmic articulations of planetary movements. While the curved end pieces lend dynamic, circular motion, the bridge gives fluidity to the whole. The three dimensions of the object accentuate movement and create contrasts punctuated by colors and materials.

These are archetypal frames, designed for thinkers, explorers of ideas, researchers and theoreticians of a deeper daily being. But they also enchant musicians, artists, anti-hipsters, asphalt rebels who find here a happy counterpoint to too-conventional tendencies.

BURROUGHS is the rock and all around roll of this concept, the frame that defies beliefs and quenches our thirst for new experiences. With its aviator shape, its cutout sections, its raised bridge (obviously), it watches its figure and seeks to shock. Always questioning our preconceived ideas, it plays with past codes while looking far, very far, into the future.

BARTHES : The pantos, the one and only, the perfectly designed, forever retro-at-heart, elegant to the extreme and entirely without fault. Its purity is precious; its balanced proportions grant easy assurance. Poetic, philosophic, modern and so simple you’ll kick yourself… to heaven.

BISHOP is an ever-so-gentle hexagonal round, whose magical powers allow it to cross generations. The height of snobbery, it is suitable for both dedicated followers of no-style (norm-core rising) and precious dandies. And what does BISHOP have to say? Nothing. It has better things to do.

BOETIE : A clever unisex round, that falls just per­fectly, seeming to defy gravity. The for­ward-look­ing design of these es­sen­tially romantic frames evokes old opera glasses, the fitful passions of a Rimbaud or a Baude­laire. With a cus­tom­ary romantic sigh, they step into eternity, playing tricks on time.

BOURDIEU, the large, light and ef­fort­lessly balanced panto that breathes. Academic, poetic and of its time, it seeks the meaning of things, asks a thousand ques­tions, and refuses to stay in place. Patience and cu­rios­ity are its schol­arly mis­tresses.

BROOKS is a round, a perfect round, a round that sets limits only the better to exceed them. It becomes a slightly over­sized round on small faces, and quite so­phis­ti­cated on wider features. BROOKS, like the texts of American poetess Gwen­dolyn Brooks, opens our eyes wide, and leaves us open-mouthed. Because We Real Cool.

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