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Glasses for Any Activity in Shawnee, Kansas

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We specialize in prescription & non-prescription eyewear for all of your special needs, whether sports-related or required for a medical condition such as Dry Eye Syndrome. Protect your eyes from sun, wind and debris – and do it in comfort and style. We carry a wide selection of motorcycle goggles, swim goggles, diving masks, cycling sunglasses, sports eyewear and safety eyewear.




Swim Goggles

Diving Masks

Safety glasses

Specialty Glasses We Offer, but not limited to: 

  • Wiley X

  • 7 EYES (Panoptx)

  • Liberty aqua spec swimming goggles

  • Guard Dog riding wear

  • Bollé

  • Prescription Diving Masks

  • Safety Eyewear

  • Magnifying Glasses

  • Dry Eye Syndrome

We also carry a full line of magnifying glasses, eyewear chains and other optical products.

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