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“It started with a desire we just couldn’t deny any longer. It was 1987 and we were hungry. Hungry for ‘a different pair of glasses’. And we were fired up to get to work. Together with Patrick Hoet (designer and anagram-namesake of Theo), we decided to create original eyewear for own shops in Antwerp and Bruges.”

About Theo Eyewear

The first Theo models launched made a bit of a splash and enthusiasm is contagious! Colleagues were soon asking whether they, too, could sell Theo in their shops. Little by little and country by country, Theo gradually won over more and more hearts. Theo, increasingly became determined to design glasses that always incorporate a touch of humour, individuality and a certain ‘edge’. Now, a good 25 years later, Theo is tremendously proud to be able to collaborate worldwide with a select group of individual opticians, such as us, who have embraced Theo and who, in turn, bring their love for design, originality, and quality to their customer.

We're excited to sell Theo Eyewear to the Kansas City market, as it has been a big seller for custom eyewear for those whole love their eyeglasses.

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