Vision Insurance

What does VSP stand for

Vision Service Plan

Here at Brookside Optical we're a VSP providers, it specifically deals only with visual based medical expenses such as glasses, eye exams and contact lenses, and you the lowest out-of-pocket costs in vision care.

They have many different plan options that gives you a wide variety of benefits such as discounts on frames, lenses and anti reflective coatings. 


VSP is one of the largest vision insurers, providing individual coverage as well as group plans.


VSP's advantage over other insurers are its superior benefits. This is why glasses wearers love them is they are superior to all the other insurances. 


Even if you don’t need prescription glasses VSP will cover your costs on sunglasses and computer glasses to help better protect your eyes. 


Lastly, we recommend you supplement your VSP coverage with an HAS account. No vision insurance will cover the entire cost of your eye expenses, especially if you want the best eyewear possible. A health savings account (HSA) enables you to set aside pre-tax dollars every pay period that you can use for health-related expenses your vision insurance doesn't cover — including the cost of eyeglasses and contact lenses.